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World’s top 100 chief information security officers revealed

Unique list celebrates the world’s most innovative CISOs as cybersecurity challenges continue to intensify more
  • Streaming without borders: EU rules to allow using online... more

  • The European Commission fines Facebook €110 million for... more

  • President Trump protects America's cyber infrastructure... more

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Wedge offers vulnerable businesses WannaCry and ransomware threat protection as a free trial for immediate threat prevention

WedgeAMB uses multiple layers of network security to detect and immediately block WannaCry and future variants of ransomware – providing immediate protection for enterprise networks more
  • Falsifying Galileo satellite signals will become more... more

  • Menlo Security isolation platform powers Internet initiative... more

  • Infinera and Canalink validate Infinite Capacity Engine over... more

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Unicorns and baby unicorns – So adorable but where do they go from here?

Billion-dollar startups are the talk of the town; a unicorn´s CEO can´t sneeze without it showing up on Valleywag, or the founder being parodied on the hit TV show, “Silicon Valley”. Meanwhile, everyone is watching the baby unicorns, the next-generation startups that appear to be on the fast-track to a massive valuation. Not yet household names outside the venture and tech communities, the baby unicorns represent tremendous potential for their investors. Or do they? And there are the reliable technology leaders – not unicorns, not baby unicorns, perhaps not even startups. Solid performers who generate innovation…and revenues. How do they all fit together in the fast-moving industry? more
  • New technology approaches to today’s threat environment... more

  • Software defined cloud networking – the formless in pursuit... more

  • Cloud service innovation: who’s investing in what?... more

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Digital infrastructure: from human to machine...

Digital infrastructure: from human to machine

During a keynote presentation at the recent Red Hat open-source innovation summit, Jason Hoffman, Global Head of Cloud Infrastructure, Ericsson, explored datacenter automation, the software-defined revolution, and applications for deep learning more
  • Nokia malware report reveals new all-time high in mobile... more

  • Eurosmart reports increase in Worldwide secure element... more

  • New Global cybersecurity report reveals misaligned incentives,... more

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  • Lots of tailwind for the new-look CeBIT in june 2018... more

  • Professor Mary Aitken inducted into Infosecurity Europe's... more

  • Global futurist to deliver keynote on the impact of artificial... more

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