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Deutsche Telekom joins Industrial Data Space Association

Goal of the initiative: effortless and more secure exchange of data more
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  • GSMA launches IoT Big Data Directory to support growth of... more

  • UN Broadband Commission: Time for a “new deal” if... more

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Cylance outperforms five legacy AV vendors in AV-TEST study featuring side-by-side testing against unknown and known malware

AV-TEST compares Cylance against five signature-based antivirus software suites; Results show Cylance with more than 97 percent efficacy against unknown threats versus a 42 percent average by legacy AV vendors more
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  • NASA to stream first live 4K video from space at the 2017 NAB... more

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Unicorns and baby unicorns – So adorable but where do they go from here?

Billion-dollar startups are the talk of the town; a unicorn´s CEO can´t sneeze without it showing up on Valleywag, or the founder being parodied on the hit TV show, “Silicon Valley”. Meanwhile, everyone is watching the baby unicorns, the next-generation startups that appear to be on the fast-track to a massive valuation. Not yet household names outside the venture and tech communities, the baby unicorns represent tremendous potential for their investors. Or do they? And there are the reliable technology leaders – not unicorns, not baby unicorns, perhaps not even startups. Solid performers who generate innovation…and revenues. How do they all fit together in the fast-moving industry? more
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  • Cloud service innovation: who’s investing in what?... more

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From raw data to actionable intelligence: The art and science...

From raw data to actionable intelligence: The art and science of endpoint security

The endpoint is vulnerable. That’s where many enterprise cyberbreaches begin: An employee clicks on a phishing link and installs malware, such a ransomware, or is tricked into providing login credentials. A browser can open a webpage which installs malware. An infected USB flash drive is another source of attacks. Servers can be subverted with SQL Injection or other attacks; even cloud-based servers are not immune from being probed and subverted by hackers more
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  • Artificial Intelligence next key growth area for smartphones... more

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  • MEF17 save the date! Orlando, Florida USA, 13-16 november 2017... more

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