The Global LPO Conference – Buyers and Vendors Meet in New York

Date: Mon, 03/07/2011 - 14:24

The Global LPO Conference – Buyers and Vendors Meet in New York

The U.K. Conference initiated the European Union legal community to the cost-saving benefits of Legal Service Outsourcing (LSO) major chunks of legal work. Our team came to London with survey data demonstrating the demand and market awareness, which prompted us to conduct the Global LPO Conference – Buyers and Vendors Meet in the U.S. – 2011. Next in series? The U.S. Conference in New York!

This conference (june 15-16, 2011, Hilton New York) aims to bring together law firm leaders such as partners, general counsels and other potential stakeholders in the LPO industry to share practical experiences in the nascent services for clients. The New York meeting will focus on how to implement the human and social capital for the benefit of the industry at large.
Across the globe, governments that allow off-shore business are making new policies to help grow the outsourcing trend and increase opportunity to firms within their nations. LPO companies deliver quality service to the outsourcing law firms or corporate counsels at low cost. The strategy of our advisory service is to develop, re-assess, and/or revitalize the process of legal outsourcing in the modern era, depending on the real, data-backed needs and requirements of the industry. As the need changed with the economic downturn of 2007-2009, we came up with ideas for smooth transit, and one of those ideas is the series of LPO conferences. The goal of the two-day New York conference is to continue to improve joint ideas, techniques and procedures while fostering and encouraging teamwork among the services providers and buyers.
The wide range of services can more easily be showcased and pilot project can be executed from the starting point of a conference. The conference is not only for networking but has a major intention to foster business opportunities to deals to grab more easily at the conference itself. More than 50 service providers will exhibit the talent pool and latest tools and services and discuss technology development in the legal context such as e-discovery, MIS, and many more.
In the signs of the ongoing recovery scenario, global law firm partners and general counsel have realized the advantage of outsourcing legal work to offshore countries. One way of gauging the rapidity of change and progress towards outsourcing is by looking at the lower costs of legal service to the clients. These changes are driven by liberal government policies like commoditization of legal work through Legal Service Act, frequent meetings between buyers and vendors, and onshore availability of LPO companies.
The Global LPO Conference – Buyers and Vendors Meet in New York is an event to develop the business relationship of both buyers and vendors. This event will address genuine transformation of the outsourcing landscape from theoretical to practical. Leading authorities from global legal associations will assess the impact of changing policies in the legal offshoring industry. Key law firm partners and general counsel will give their thoughts and apprehensions about offshoring work to countries like India, South Africa and others. LPO veterans, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to address those concerns and help buyers find the best possible legal support. Global lawyers and general counsel will learn how to prepare case presentations to win over their boards of management.

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