A pioneer and visionary in contactless services announced: Dr. Akio Shiibashi

Date: Mon, 08/29/2011 - 13:42

A pioneer and visionary in contactless services announced: Dr. Akio Shiibashi

Dr. Akio Shiibashi, the man who built the world's biggest contactless ticketing and payment infrastructure, the SUICA system, will give a keynote at NFC World Congress. His success story at East Japan Railway Company best illustrates how NFC technologies can shape our daily lives and drive high tech industry

No doubt the expected 350 conference delegates of NFC World Congress will be inspired by the success story of SUICA. The 'father' of this pioneer contactless card himself will give a keynote at the Congress: Dr. Akio Shiibashi, Executive Officer and Deputy Director General of IT & SUICA Business Development Headquarters, East Japan Railway (JR East) will share the lessons of this successful rollout and shape the future of contactless services. Akio Shiibashi will introduce the Panel Debate on September 21 titled "European Cities taking advantage of Tokyo pioneer experience for developing new NFC services ". With well over 30 million contactless cards on issue, used both for transport ticketing and payment, what else than the SUICA system could best illustrate the huge potential of NFC?  

The SUICA success story in brief
The SUICA card ticketing system ("Super Urban Intelligent Card", based on a technology developed by Sony, called FeliCa.) was introduced in the Tokyo area on November 18, 2001 under the supervision of Akio Shiibashi. A dream thought up by researchers 16 years before became reality. Under Akio Shiibashi's orders, the project team that started with just a few members to over 100 cleared the hurdles for practical application one by one. At that time, the contactless technology was competing with magnetic automatic ticket gates at JR-East.
Since then, the visionary choice of contactless technology has proven very successful. Within less than 10 years: over 30 millions of Suica cards have been issued; m-payment function have been introduced as soon as 2004 - about 300 thousands shops in Japan accept the card; thanks to its interoperability, the card is not only in use at JREast train, but also widely in Japan, at train, tramway, and bus system in various places; since January 2006, a version called "Mobile Suica" has been integrated in FeliCa-enabled mobile phones by Japan's mobile operators. And the story still goes on... Suica official website: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/suica.html

New leading NFC players announced: more updates!
The testimonial and visionary keynote of Akio Shiibashi will be complemented by several new NFC leader presentations recently confirmed:
- Dr Hyunmi Yang's, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Service Innovation Group, KT Corporation will give a keynote on pioneer NFC initiatives, solutions and projects in Korea,
- Masayuki Takezawa's, Deputy General Manager, FeliCa Business Division of Sony will give a keynote on the Japan use case: "Real, live applications and use cases building the NFC future,
- Ergi Sener, Product Manager, Mobile Wallet, Turkcell, will present the first multi-bank NFC application deployed by Turkcell,
- Nav Bains, Senior Director Mobile Money at GSMA will speak about the GSMA's role in accelerating the NFC services rolling out.

Among the keynotes at the Opening Session (September 21 afternoon):
• Koichi Tagawa, NFC Forum Chairman and General Manager Global Standards and Industry Relations, Sony
• Dr WP Hong, Executive VP, Mobile Communication Division, Samsung Electronics (to be confirmed)
• Jean-Claude Deturche, Senior VP Mobile Financial Services, Gemalto
• Jorn Lambert, Head of Emerging Payments, MasterCard Europe
• Jean-Paul Cottet, Executive Vice President, Marketing an Innovation, Orange
• Dr Annabelle Gawer, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Imperial College Business School

All in all, 350 NFC stakeholders and implementers are expected at the business conference of NFC World Congress.
The conference will run alongside the Congress exhibition that already features 27 leading NFC players to showcase state-of-the art products and service: Accenture, Airtag, AFSCM, AT4 Wireless, Barnes International, Bell ID, Clear2Pay, COMPRION, Connecthings, Duali, Evolute Systems, FIME, Gemalto, Identitive Group, Inside Secure, Mastercard, Micropross, Morpho, Nexperts, NXP, Oberthur Technologies, Orange Business Services, Payter, Samsung, Sony, Trusted Logic, Visa.


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