ANGA adds weight to european policy of german cable operators in Brussels

Date: Thu, 03/19/2009 - 19:37

"Both consumers and industry are benefiting from the strength of cable"

ANGA, the Association of German Cable Operators, today joined Cable Europe, the European Cable Communications Association, at its meeting of members, which took place as part of Cable Congress 2009 (March 18 to 20) in Berlin. At the same time, ANGA Board member and Unitymedia CEO Parm Sandhu was appointed to Cable Europe's executive committee. ANGA’s accession and the appointment of Parm Sandhu took place in order to support the association long-term in its tasks at European level. As a Board member of ANGA, Parm Sandhu already represents the German cable industry’s interests at international level.
Cable Europe represents the interests of the leading European cable operators and their national associations in regulatory affairs and technical development issues.  Collectively, the member companies of Cable Europe supply more than 73 million customers throughout Europe. Within this portfolio, there are 64.9 million TV customers, more than 16 million customers with Internet access, and over 12 million customers with telephony services.
ANGA President Thomas Braun commented: “We are delighted that Cable Europe now also represents our interests in Brussels. With Parm Sandhu an experienced representative of the German cable industry has been appointed who at the same time has the international expertise to represent the interests of our industry at European level.”
Commenting on his appointment, Parm Sandhu said, "I am delighted to be playing an active part in supporting the work of Cable Europe. More and more legal and regulatory decisions taken in Brussels are having a major influence on the German cable industry. It is important that we underscore the significance of the German cable market as one of Europe's principal markets, while at the same time vigorously representing the industry together with our European partners. Germany alone has almost 20 million cable customers and, buoyed by new services comprising Internet access, telephony and digital TV, has been seeing strong growth for several years. Both consumers and entire branches of industry are benefiting from the strength of cable, especially in view of the current strained economic climate. However, in the past, unlike DSL cable was often overlooked by the political sector. With this in mind, we need a strong voice to represent our dynamic sector's interests in Brussels."
ANGA represents the interests of 119 companies in the German broadband cable industry. The networks of the cable operators represented by ANGA together supply around 18 million homes. 
Over half of German TV households receive their TV channels via broadband cable networks. In addition to an extensive analogue and digital TV offering, cable also offers interactive services, particularly broadband Internet and telephony.  Over 1.85 million homes in Germany already use their cable access for broadband Internet access, 1.5 million for telephony. The ANGA cable operators are therefore clearly driving infrastructure competition for broadband access and Triple Play bundles comprising TV, Internet and telephony.   

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