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Latest GSMA report highlights success of mobile money with over half a billion accounts worldwide

277 live mobile money services available in 92 countries; GSMA launches Mobile Money Developer Portal more
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More people firmly agree with sharing personal data, in return for rewards, than firmly disagree

Those aged 30-40 are most likely to share data for rewards. China, Mexico and Russia lead for people willing to share data. Germany, France and Brazil have the most people not willing to share data

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The cybersecurity scourge of credentials theft

Cybercriminals want your credentials and your employees’ credentials. When those hackers succeed in stealing that information, it can be bad for individuals – and even worse for corporations and other organizations. This is a scourge that’s bad, and it will remain bad

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What benefits do Open Source, SDN, NFV, and new cloud standards bring to the networking industry?

Remember proprietary networks – where you were expected to buy everything from a single provider (and its certified partners)? Those were the good old days for those proprietary vendors’ shareholders and investors, but they were a nightmare for customers who wanted to be free to choose the best solutions, embrace cutting-edge innovation, mix-and-match different capabilities and price points, and avoid the dreaded vendor lock-in. The good news is that proprietary networks are dead, dead, dead

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50% of Global population to connect to a 4G network by 2022

Global LTE deployments reach completion as initial Gigabit LTE networks appear more
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Smartphones - China conquers India

In Q4 2016, Indian smart phone vendors were pushed out of the top five as Chinese vendors continued to grab market share with extremely price-competitive devices more
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