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Who is responsible for cloud security?

It must be a sign of the times. The world is growing so weary of all those malware massacres in the Internet Wild West, that security is beginning to feel quite sexy. The recent NetEvents EMEA Press Spotlight discussion – Enterprise Security Considerations for the Cloud – Containers, Perimeters, and Access Controls– added greater intelligence to the mix

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The network approaching Platform Three will be faster, more scalable, and easier to manage

Ksenia Efimova, IDC’s Senior Research Analyst, EMEA Telecoms and Networking discussed Architectural Management Trends and Next Generation Data Centres at a recent EMEA NetEvents in Barcelona.  She set the scene by referring to the “Platform” model. The First Platform is the mainframe computer, the Second Platform is client/server. “According to IDC, the Third Platform consists of cloud, social, mobility and data; and innovation accelerators, AR, VR, AI, robotics, blockchain, etcetera”

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Digital transformation demands simpler enterprise IT

As the SD-WAN market evolves, enterprises need to simplify WAN deployment and management by consolidating diverse functions in remote and branch offices. A new “SD-Branch” model is proposed: simple, scalable and secure, with contextual visibility to apps and performance
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Networking for the DevOps era

The modern enterprise is all about software. Corporate functions that used to be manual and time consuming are now automated, virtualized and consumed by end users, on-demand. We’re talking about nothing less that a digital revolution, and it’s being powered by developers of cloud-native applications
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nCipher survey reveals americans trust banks most with their personal data

But about half said a cyberattack or lack of a hack notification would erode that trust more
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Gartner predicts by 2023 over half of government IT workers will occupy roles that don’t exist today

Most new government technology solutions will be delivered and supported using a XaaS model by 2023 more
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