Lisbon city distinguished with the “2019 Smart 50 Awards” for its Intelligent Management Platform, empowered by NEC

Date: Wed, 06/12/2019 - 15:17 Source: NEC

NEC Europe Ltd. and NEC Portugal announced that the Municipality of Lisbon, Portugal, was awarded “Smart 50 Awards” by Smart Cities Connect, US Ignite and Smart Cities Connect Foundation, for Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform (LIMP), which is empowered by NEC’s smart city platform solutions

Lisbon city distinguished with the “2019 Smart 50 Awards” for its Intelligent Management Platform, empowered by NEC

Image credited to Turismo de Lisboa


The Smart 50 Awards are aimed at recognizing the 50 most influential projects in smart communities worldwide, in each year. The Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform was awarded as one such project in the Digital Transformation category.
The Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform (LIMP) is a technological solution with high processing and integration data capacity which allows the monitoring, analysis and management of the entire urban ecosystem, and it supports the management of the city operations by the city government, allowing them to provide municipal services in a more preventive, integrated, articulated and cooperative way.
LIMP is built on NEC’s Cloud City Operation Center (CCOC), which integrates 10 internal systems managed by Lisbon’s city government and 30 external systems managed by several partners of the Municipality of Lisbon, and provides real time data from different sources and IoT devices for the efficient management of city events. NEC is also providing a video analytics solution based on Artificial Intelligence, NEC IAPRO that supports the municipality to automatically identify and alert potential safety hazards. 
“We are very excited to see the Municipality of Lisbon receiving global recognition for their initiative in realising a smartcity, and very honored to have been given the chance to take part in this awarded project”, said João Paulo Fernandes, NEC Portugal General Manager.  “We would like to continue our collaboration with the City of Lisbon to further empower and realise digital transformation of the city operations to enhance safety and security for its residents.”

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