i.s.c. Group selects Hotshot Technologies to mitigate security risk and enhance global collaboration efficiency and security

Date: Wed, 05/15/2019 - 11:43

Hotshot selected by ISO 27001/ISMS and GDPR experts to easily meet demands of industry regulations, privacy and labor laws in the age of mobile-first communication
i.s.c. Group selects Hotshot Technologies to mitigate security risk and enhance global collaboration efficiency and security Hotshot founder and CEO Aaron Turner, at NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight 2019, Sitges, Barcelona

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Hotshot Technologies announced that i.s.c. (information security consulting) Group has selected Hotshot as their messaging platform of choice to accelerate team collaboration while protecting their organization from inadvertent violations of industry and global data privacy regulations.
i.s.c. Group is based in Vienna, Austria with 15 offices across the EU, Asia, and the United States. Michael Krausz, Founder and Owner says, "we have been experts in ISO 27001/ISMS and GDPR for decades and have extensive experience fighting Cybercrime and white-collar crime when combined with Cybercrime. As a result, we have sought-out the solution with the most robust functionality, ease-of-use and most fail-safe security, privacy and regulatory protection. HotShot has exceeded expectations, and every day it allows us to be more successful."
Hotshot is a mobile-first messaging solution that enables businesses to easily and affordably address a combination of complex security, compliance and labor laws in North America and the European Union with an easy-to-deploy app and patent-pending location-and-time-based encryption technology.  Hotshot founder and CEO Aaron Turner is a cybersecurity veteran with decades of experience in solving the most challenging compliance and security issues for organizations ranging from Microsoft to the US Department of Defense.
In recent years, as he watched the security, compliance and labor law landscapes converge at a stunning pace, Mr. Turner recognized the need for a solution built on a zero-trust platform to address all three critical areas.  Hotshot utilizes easy-to-manage location-based and time-based controls that businesses can use to control data access and communication, along with the ability to claw-back data as needed from employees or former team members.
Additionally, in the age of the "gig economy" and open collaboration, Hotshot provides a valuable platform for global businesses to comply with GDPR, meet regulatory requirements within their industries, and adhere to labor laws in Europe and North America – without stifling communication.
Aaron Turner said, "It has been rewarding to collaborate with i.s.c. Group and help them to streamline their operational processes, reduce complexity and save money, while enhancing privacy, security and regulatory compliance. Through adopting Hotshot, i.s.c. was able to streamline communications, going from multiple platforms – in favor of one easy platform that works just like texting, with zero-trust security built-in."
Hotshot has EU headquarters within the Technoport® ltd. business incubation program, in partnership with the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade, and North American headquarters in Plano, TX. The company aims to partner with international telecommunications organizations, and to serve any organization that conducts business across borders in the EU or North America, or needs to adhere to industry or other regulatory and privacy rules pertaining to security or privacy.
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