Telekom connects health insurance companies with pharmacies and medical supply stores

Date: Fri, 04/20/2012 - 15:03

Health insurance providers, medical supply stores and pharmacies make savings through the digital data flow
Telekom connects health insurance companies with pharmacies and medical supply stores

Dr. Axel Wehmeier, Head of the Healthcare Group business area at Deutsche Telekom

Image credited to Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is expanding its Healthcare business area and, to this end, is taking over 49.9 percent of the IT service provider HMM Deutschland GmbH. The Group has also the option of acquiring a majority stake in the company in future. Both companies have agreed not to disclose further details of the deal. Telekom has held a 18 percent share in HMM already since 2008 through T-Venture.
"We intend to further digitize the billing of care services. The healthcare sector will save time and money as a result. With our shareholding in HMM, we are also further expanding our intelligent healthcare network. We intend to play a leading role in the connected healthcare market in future," says Dr. Axel Wehmeier, Head of the Healthcare Group business area at Deutsche Telekom. Istok Kespret, CEO of HMM Deutschland GmbH, adds: "We want to further expand our range of services. With Telekom as our partner, in future we will be able to offer customers new services in the area of home care for example, or the billing of medication and medical aids."
HMM Deutschland specializes in the networking of health insurance providers with pharmacies, specialist medical suppliers or orthopedic technicians, for example. The company, which is based in the city of Moers in North Rhine-Westphalia, is a market leader in this sector. In Germany, health insurance providers are required to provide their members with medical aids such as bandages, hearing aids or walking aids which have been previously prescribed by the doctor. In turn, medical supply stores, pharmacies and orthopedic technicians are responsible for the care of the patients. They are therefore in constant contact with the health insurance providers. HMM deals with the secure and paperless exchange of information between health insurance providers and service providers.
Over 40 health insurance providers and more than a third of all medical aid service providers in Germany are already using this service. Every month, health insurance providers process half a million transactions electronically via HMM and its healthcare platform ZHP.X3. The Moers-based company thus has Germany's largest telematics platform for statutory health insurance schemes. With the X3 standard, the company has also developed a data format that will be able to establish itself in Germany as the basis for the electronic exchange of information in the healthcare sector. Istok Kespret's stated goal is to bring all the market participants together for joint action.

Deutsche Telekom is backing intelligent networks
The networking of doctors, hospitals, health insurance providers and other actors helps the healthcare sector to improve care, and saves costs at the same time. The digitization of administrative tasks significantly reduces the processing time, for example. By using electronic instead of written cost estimates, health insurance providers save considerable process costs in this area. Deutsche Telekom is continually expanding its activities in the healthcare sector and, to this end, launched the Healthcare strategic business area in 2010. The Group intends to generate additional revenue of EUR 1 billion by 2015 with intelligent networks in the healthcare, energy, automotive and media sectors. In addition to remote treatment of patients, devices to measure temperatures or blood glucose levels for smartphones, tablet PCs for doctors’ rounds in hospitals, hospital IT, assistance and emergency systems for old age and the electronic health card are healthcare issues that Telekom is focusing on.

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