Advantech kicks off 2009 crossover collaboration

Date: Tue, 04/14/2009 - 13:49

Kick-start the 4+n growth engine to drive IPC’s “Diverse Specialty” protocol
Advantech kicks off 2009 crossover collaboration K.C. Liu , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Advantech, one of the world’s leading IPC ePlatform manufacturers and service providers, announced its corporate operating guidelines for 2009. These guidelines are defined by Crossover Collaboration as a keynote for advancing interdepartmental collaboration within the Advantech infrastructure, and furthering partnerships with the entire IPC sector in the hope of guiding Advantech and the IPC community to jointly weather the current economic downturn and create added value for the industry.

Crossover collaboration will become the new growth engine
Advantech CEO KC Liu notes that “Crossover Collaboration is no longer restricted to interdepartmental cooperative efforts within a company; instead it presupposes that Advantech will intensify its partnerships with companies in the IPC community and build new ones, to create closer alliances and welcome change in order to generate new values and possibilities. This means that Advantech will push for closer interdepartmental collaboration internally and with subsidiary companies, software providers, vertical application experts and within academic circles. It also points to new alliances with IPC firms in Greater China around the world. Crossover Collaboration even has the potential to be extended to Advantech’s competitors in the IPC community. This new operating model will revolutionize Advantech as a company and the IPC sector.” 
Advantech has reinvented itself in recent years from a general embedded computing application provider, to an application-ready platform (ARP) supplier. Now it is poised to become a service-ready (SRP) platform contributor that offers effective software integration solutions. In other words, the three operating bodies: Embedded ePlatform Organization, Industrial Automation Group, and eServices & Applied Computing Group will unite with Design & Manufacturing Services (DMS) provided by Advansus, and partner with other firms to form the cornerstone of Advantech’s 4+n growth engine, fulfilling crossover collaboration projects and kick-starting Advantech’s continuous development over the next few years.
Advantech anticipates that the entire IPC sector will be positively influenced by the Crossover Collaboration principle. KC Liu continued: “Changes are happening in far-reaching ways within the IPC community. Industrial computer providers need to break away from the ‘grocery store mentality’ that handles up-, and down-stream networking issues; instead, they ought to adopt a ‘specialty shop’ framework that concentrates on the niche market. This is the only solution to improving IPC suppliers’ worth - creating niche breakthroughs. This highlights the importance of Crossover Collaboration for Advantech and its upstream and downstream partners, software business associates, and system integrators. Collaboration ensures effective resource integration, speedy expansion of vertical application niche markets, and ultimately to success on many fronts. For the future, Advantech vows to encourage the division of labor in the IPC sector, set the pace of IPC-related core technologies, and expand its ODM/OEM framework to help initiate new strategic alliances and create new branding values for the IPC industry.”
Additionally, Advansus the Design & Manufacturing Services (DMS) provider, will continue to operate the Component Allied Procurement Services model and Modular Board Design Services formula as an IPC upstream provider. And, by consolidating their core technologies in order to meet the wide-ranging needs of various departments, groups, and modularization demands of other IPC companies, they can help focus the IPC DMS industry on vertical market development.  
An attitude adjustment, the rallying of resources, and an all-round approach to clients are the keys to ultimate triumph in the flagging economy. Advantech will put its long-standing Direct Marketing Force (DMF) to good use, and effectively employ its direct-marketing-based eStore, call center, and Share Service Centers to provide clients with the efficient and comprehensive services, and fulfill Advantech’s promise of Crossover Collaboration and successful Customer Partnership. 

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