On target to deliver the technology for the London 2012 Games

Date: Mon, 10/17/2011 - 12:17

Official unveiling of the Technology Operations Centre for the London 2012 Games
On target to deliver the technology for the London 2012 Games Image credited to Atos

London 2012 and Atos, the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, officially unveil the Technology Operations Centre – the mission control for all 94 Olympic competition and non-competition venues. Today’s launch follows the first phase of the London Prepares Series, during which the London 2012 technology team together with Atos, the lead integrator and the other technology partners have worked in partnership to deliver the IT for all the test events.
Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee said: “technology is radically changing how spectators enjoy the Olympic Games and our longstanding worldwide partner, Atos, plays a critical role in ensuring technology continues to enhance the spectator experience. The IOC is very impressed with the progress of the preparations in London.”
Paul Deighton, London 2012 Chief Executive, commented: “technology often goes unnoticed and yet is absolutely critical to our success in 2012.  The Games cannot happen without technology and I am delighted that that our London 2012 Technology team together with Atos and the team of technology partners are on track to deliver the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.”
Patrick Adiba, CEO at Atos for Iberia, Olympics and Major Events, said: “it’s an honour to be here today with London 2012 and our technology partners to write history with the official launch of the Technology Operations Centre – the mission control for the London 2012 Games.  During Games time, this will be the central technology hub providing the results to the Olympic family and world’s media in less than a second, so spectators around the world can follow events in real time wherever they are and on any device. Today is a major technology milestone and demonstrates that we are on target to deliver the London 2012 Games.”

Technology Operations Centre
The Technology Operations Centre monitors and controls the IT systems that deliver the results from all the Olympic and Paralympic sports competitions to the world’s media in real time.  For the London 2012 Games, Atos expects to process 30% more results data than in Beijing ensuring the world’s media meets the increasing demand of fans for information as it happens. With 8.5 billion1 PCs, smart phones and tablets predicted to be connected to the internet by 2012, the London Games are set to be the biggest smart Games ever.
One of the technology improvements for the London 2012 Games is that, for the first time ever in the Summer Games, all 26 Olympic sports and 5 of the Paralympic sports have been added to the Commentator Information System (CIS).  Managed, centrally from the Technology Operations Centre, the Commentator Information System provides commentators and journalists with touch-screen technology that gives results in real time, so quick they can see the results before they hear the roar of the crowd. It is also the first time broadcasters will have access both in London and their home countries to the system for all Olympic and 5 Paralympic sports.
During Games time, the Technology Operations Centre will operate at full capacity with about 450 business technologists covering 180 positions, to manage and monitor 24/7 the technology infrastructure and systems including IT security, telecommunications, power and the results systems. It will be staffed by a combined team comprising the London 2012 Technology team, Atos and the other technology partners.

London Prepare Series
The first phase of the London Prepare Series serve as the first real life practice events for not just athletes, but also the technology team, as well as the media, and the venues themselves.
During the 79 days of competition, the London 2012 technology team, Atos and all the technology partners set up and took down almost 180 servers, over 1160 PCs and laptops, 190 network and security devices and more than 400 printers and copiers. In terms of technology, the events went well.
The electronic access control system, fully integrated with the accreditation system was tested during the first phase of the London Prepares Series. It checks real time that the person is accessing space where he/she is authorized.
The Technology partners are:
• Atos - Worldwide Information Technology Partner
• Acer – Worldwide Computing Equipment Partner
• Airwave - Official Private Mobile Radio Services Supplier
• BT - Official Communications Services Partner
• Cisco – Official Network Infrastructure Supporter
• Omega – Official Timekeeper
• Panasonic – Official AV Equipment Partner
• Samsung – Official Wireless Communications Partner

1 Source: Number estimated by Atos Scientific Community, October 2011




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