Giza Polish Ventures has invested in company Cognitum

Date: Wed, 01/29/2014 - 15:40

Cognitum is an innovative technological company established in 2010 that delivers products and services in the area of semantic technologies (automatic knowledge management) and Big Data processing. There are a lot of potential applications of those technologies, e.g. within industry & production, financial sector, telco or even health domain

Giza Polish Ventures has invested in company Cognitum

Paweł Zarzycki, CEO of Cognitum

Image credited to Cognitum

The portfolio of the company includes two key products: Ontorion - a system for an intelligent management and processing large amounts of data with natural language. It allows effectively and quickly manage information and search in a very complex and rapidly changing data sets from various sources. The solution can be hosted in a Cloud or within On-Premise environment. The second product is Fluent Editor, a comprehensive tool for editing and manipulating complex ontologies with natural language. It supports most important standards of the Semantic Web and allows much simpler way to create and manipulate ontologies (semantic data models), enabling Semantic Technologies to much wider group of users.
"Earning of such a key partner as Giza Polish Ventures is a big success for the company. Besides raising capital for further company growth, we see a huge value of the business experience of the fund, especially in expansion to the global markets. The knowledge of GPV Partners in the area of finance, management and controlling of the technological companies connected with experience of capital raising and sales management on the global markets makes GPV not only a financial partner but also gives a valuable substantive support.  Year 2013 was a breakthrough for the company. At the beginning of the year we were in a group of top five projects selected out of many by National Center of Research and Development in the first edition of Go_Global program. We’ve been awarded in prestigious Windows Azure contest organized by Microsoft: "Your company, your chances of success" within a business applications category.  Cognitum was also a finalist in the polish edition of IBM SmartCamp - prestigious competition for young, promising technology companies. We have also win a number of prestigious clients outside the country and key business partners, including DataStax (US), Big Data solution provider. The culmination of the year is an investment agreement with Giza Polish Ventures, which is a huge step for the company development. This investment will significantly boost realization of our strategy towards market expansion and product development in the area of business process management tools and information management in general." - says Pawe? Zarzycki CEO of Cognitum.
Cognitum seeks competitive advantage with constant innovation through own investment in R&D activities and cooperation with major academics within multiparty research projects. Cognitum closely cooperates with research entities like the University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, University of Zurich, Military University of Technology. Together with the University of Warsaw we have established the Laboratory of Modern Methods of Forecasting and Simulating Political, Social and Economic. The company provides internships for researchers and actively participates in IT community, leading seminars, training for professionals and lectures for students.
"Our decision to invest in Cognitum is based largely on market trends, which indicate that the effective management of huge amount of data and information becomes a necessity not only among large corporations, but mainly in the public sector and SMEs. We believe that in a few years Cognitum will become a leader in Semantic Technologies for Knowledge Management and Big Data, not only in Poland but also globally. It is our main goal as an investor and as a partner to work hard together with the Cognitum to reach those goals" - says Zygmunt Grajkowski, President of Giza English Ventures.

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