TELMEX to market intercompany Cisco TelePresence in Latin America: Telepresencia Administrada TELMEX

Date: Mon, 09/14/2009 - 18:53

First service provider to build public Cisco TelePresence suites in Latin America
TELMEX to market intercompany Cisco TelePresence in Latin America: Telepresencia Administrada TELMEX

Recently at Cisco® Networkers Mexico 2009, Teléfonos de México, S.A.B. de C.V. (TELMEX) launched Telepresencia Administrada TELMEX a regional plan in Latin America to market and deliver Cisco TelePresenceTM for multipoint intracompany services as well as for intercompany connectivity, to enable services between a given company and its customers, suppliers and partners in the region. Isidoro Ambe Attar, commercial director for the corporate market at Telmex, said: "This announcement is a clear example that shows that we are always focused and working for our customers in order to enable them to realize the benefits of a broad, converged and diversified offering of telecommunications services. We understand that converged services are a national and international real need.  To be successful, they require telecom service providers to collaborate fully."
The arrangement also includes TELMEX's launch of public TelePresence Suites, the first of their kind in Latin America. The new service will allow companies of all sizes as well as individuals to use TelePresence to conduct meetings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners or even family and friends.
Intercompany Cisco TelePresence services allows calls directly from a Cisco TelePresence room on a customer network to a TelePresence room on a different company's network through a secure connection from the service provider.  To enable service providers to offer intercompany TelePresence commercial services, Cisco delivers a fully validated reference architecture that facilitates calls between multiple enterprise networks to securely traverse the service provider network with no comingling of routes, addresses, or data.
With Telepresencia Administrada TELMEX users can access to  rooms equipped with Cisco TelePresence technology and, if they want, pay only for hourly usage. This is a cost-effective way to connect and collaborate "in person" over long distances. This can increase personal interaction, reduce travel time and expenses, increase productivity, and reduce the environmental impact.
The Telmex network of public TelePresence Suites will join the rapidly growing global network of Cisco TelePresence locations, offering customers the ability to connect with any other public TelePresence Suite in the world, as well as private Cisco TelePresence rooms at organizations with intercompany capabilities.
For Rodolfo Molina, client director for Telmex & America Movil at Cisco, "TELMEX is playing a critical role in our global strategy for creating business transformation, enriching cross-cultural collaboration, and maximizing customer/vendor intimacy through a "go green" alternative that additionally helps enterprises to reduce costs and accelerate time to market."
Highlights / Key Facts:
• The new offer, Telepresencia Administrada TELMEX, will be a highly scalable solution for remote collaboration and meetings that creates unique, "in person" experiences with the simplicity of a phone call. 
• The Cisco TelePresence experience delivers life-size images via full high-definition video (1080p) and spatial audio within a specially designed environment. Users experience a feeling of being in the same room with other participants even when the distance between them is thousand of kilometers. The Telmex intercompany Cisco TelePresence solution will use the power of Telmex MPLS network deployed in Latin America together with unified communications and security capabilities.
• TELMEX and Cisco will take advantage of Cisco's global network of TelePresence locations and TELMEX's sales foot-print and MPLS regional network to enable the adoption and growth of TelePresence technology among businesses and organizations in the Latin American region.
• The Telepresencia Administrada TELMEX will address vertical needs in different enterprise segments, analyzing the ecosystem of several industries, including but not limited to banking, health care, manufacturing, retail and government.

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