Schneider Electric to acquire Telvent to reinforce its solution capability for the mission-critical infrastructure

Date: Wed, 06/01/2011 - 19:41

Complementary software offering, services, geographies and end-markets
Schneider Electric to acquire Telvent to reinforce its solution capability for the mission-critical infrastructure Ignacio González Domínguez, Telvent’s Chairman and CEO

Schneider Electric announced today the signing of a definitive agreement with Telvent GIT, SA (‘Telvent’) for the acquisition of Telvent, a leading solution provider specializing in high value-added IT software and solutions for real-time management of mission critical infrastructure in the fields of electricity, oil & gas, water and transportation.
Schneider Electric will make a cash tender offer for all of Telvent’s shares at a price of $40 per share, which represents a premium of 36% to Telvent’s average share price over the last 3 months. Abengoa SA has irrevocably agreed to tender its 40% shareholding in Telvent into the offer. Certain members of management of Abengoa SA and Telvent, who collectively hold approximately 1.5% of Telvent’s capital, have also agreed to tender their shares.
The transaction has been approved by the board of directors of Telvent, which formed a special committee to review the transaction on behalf of the public shareholders of Telvent.

Telvent is a leading provider of software for utilities and mission-critical infrastructure
Based in Madrid and listed on NASDAQ, Telvent is a leading and highly-recognized software and IT solution provider of real-time management of smart infrastructures. It provides its customers with increased reliability and flexibility of power distribution networks as well as operational and energy efficiency of their infrastructures.
By acquiring Telvent, Schneider Electric will integrate a high value-added software platform that presents a good fit with its own range in field device control and operation management software for the smart grid and efficient infrastructures.  The Group will also double its overall software development competencies and enhance its IT integration and software service capability, including weather services.

Smart Grid: Schneider Electric will be able to offer electrical utility customers complete substation automation and smart grid software suite: DMS (Distribution Management System), OMS (Outage Management System), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), MDM (Meter Data Management), GIS (Geographical Information System).

Efficient infrastructures: For water and oil & gas operators, Schneider Electric will add to its integrated offers of automation, power and security management a leading information management solution to monitor & optimize their networks. 

Transportation: For large operators of transportation infrastructure and municipalities, Telvent provides an integrated suite of solutions that combine information and intelligent transport systems and services to improve efficiency of existing infrastructure, facilitate mobility of people and reduce pollution.  This ability to manage extensive and flow-based networks in cities will be a major contribution to our offers for the Smart Cities.

Complementary geographical coverage: The complementary geographical strength of the two companies will lead to significant synergies in the utilities, oil & gas, water and transportation markets: Schneider Electric can build on Telvent’s strong presence in North America and Latin America. Telvent would be able to enter into many more new economies, notably in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Russia and expand their presence more widely in Western Europe.
Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric’s President and CEO, commented: “The acquisition is in line with our ambition to become a complete solution provider for our customers.   Telvent offers software capability that complements and integrates with Schneider Electric’s offering.  It also brings complementary customer base and geographical coverage.  Together, we will be able to provide our customers with high value added solutions that integrate smart devices and full software capability, hence reinforcing our position in the smart grid and critical infrastructure space.  We look forward to welcoming the Telvent teams who will enrich the cultural diversity and capability of our company. ”
Ignacio González Domínguez, Telvent’s Chairman and CEO, said: “We see strong complementarities of Telvent’s solution offering and that of Schneider Electric as well as a good cultural fit of people and spirit. We believe that our customers will benefit highly from this combination. With Schneider Electric, Telvent expects to expand its global footprint, especially in the fast growing new economies. We look forward to this next phase of the development of our company.”

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