Albedo Telecom presents Net.Shark

Date: Fri, 03/30/2012 - 13:41

Net.Shark is an autonomous, carrier grade tap that includes all the features of legacy taps, including remote control, plus mobility and storage. Experts can either work as usually connecting the Net.Shark to a PC either go anywhere to filter, capture and save packets and afterwards pick results from the SD card to analyze, or email to experts that will use their favourite software to study the traffic

Albedo Telecom presents Net.Shark

Albedo Telecom´s new products at Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona


Net.Shark, presented at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, is a hardware filtering tap that complements protocol analyzers such as Wireshark ® in a number of features such as:

(a) Double Port capture: if protocols are bidirectionals then capture must be full duplex

(b) Wirespeed capture, which is something that CPU can’t do without delay traffic or packet loss (or both)

(c) Mobility, this is a genuine field battery operated instrument that you can plug a any point of the network

(d) Capture-and-save filtered packets can be saved in an internal memory to be analyzed at the office

(e) Capture-and-drop filtered packets can be forwarded to a LAN at GbE

(f) Hundreds of hardware filters can be configured. Sixteen of them can work simultaneously. VNC remore control therefore you can get full control from your PC, iPhone or iPad connected at any IP network.

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