Citrix extends Software-Defined workplace vision

Date: Thu, 10/02/2014 - 12:47

Citrix recently announced to more than 100 industry analysts the next stage in its vision for empowering people to work better. Leading analysts from firms such as Forrester, Gartner and IDC listened as Citrix president and CEO Mark Templeton reiterated the company’s core belief that “work is not a place” and highlighted how software-defined storage, datacenters, networks – and now the software-defined workplace – are helping customers accelerate the path to a mobility-transformed business

Citrix extends Software-Defined workplace vision

John Bukowsky, Sr. Director, Cloud Network, Citrix, at NetEvents EMEA Press Summit, Algarve, Portugal


Templeton highlighted how innovation around this industry imperative supports the company’s 25-year commitment to making IT simpler and people more productive.
As IT has rapidly moved through the web, cloud and mobile eras, people, apps and info have become increasingly more mobile. With the trend toward “software-defined everything” (SDx), the IT function has evolved into a strategic service delivery provider for desktops, apps and data. By extending SDx to the entire workplace, Citrix is helping to reinvent how people work, enabling them to seamlessly communicate and collaborate across any device or location, and gain borderless access to relevant data through contextual security. As a result, meetings, communications, apps, support, desktops, networks and servers become strategic virtual tools for business mobility regardless of the type of cloud or infrastructure from which they originate. Above all, a software-defined workplace transforms traditional physical places and resources into an all-digital virtualized workspace that delivers consumer-like experiences to all users.
The software-defined workplace drives both human and business outcomes, resulting in dramatic improvements across multiple dimensions for customers. For the workforce, it means increased productivity and maximized job satisfaction. In fact, recent research from McKinsey Global Institute estimates that optimizing workflows and increasing collaboration via software-based solutions by even 20 percent can save workers up to 200 hours per year1. For the workplace, it speeds change by making onboarding easier for both new hires as well as in mergers and acquisitions; optimizes human capital costs by generating higher levels of employee engagement; accelerates leadership insights into work patterns, tools and flows for greater efficiencies; improves disruption and disaster readiness; and reduces carbon footprints of offices, equipment and commuting-related travel.  
Citrix enables customers to build and operate a software-defined workplace by providing them a complete range of mobile workspace apps and delivery infrastructure solutions that inspire delight and are intelligently integrated, fully secured and always available. The design principles of Citrix solutions are people-centric with the goal to deliver value that is greater than the sum of its parts – in sharp contrast to competitive offerings which, in many cases, are a loose assembly of products originating in the datacenter and solely focused on virtualizing the infrastructure “plumbing” such as physical servers, networks and storage. By enabling customers to leverage its solutions for app and desktop virtualization, mobility management, networking and cloud services to enable a software-defined workplace, Citrix will further extend its leadership in transforming the way IT services are delivered, managed and consumed.
“At Citrix, we have long believed that work is not a place. By empowering IT to deliver secure and irresistible experiences to their end users and helping businesses achieve the benefits of software-defined workplaces, we will make that mantra even more of a reality by transforming physical places into virtual spaces. Given the central role software plays in every business function, this has tremendous potential to significantly shape the future of how people and businesses work”, said Mark Templeton, President and CEO Citrix.
“Citrix is uniquely positioned to help companies take advantage of the emerging software-defined everything trend because it has always focused on how people access apps and data, versus on how the datacenter delivers them. The software-defined workplace takes the idea of best-of- breed to a new level by enabling businesses to leverage app and desktop virtualization, mobility management, networking and cloud services solutions to mobilize their business and people. Once again, Citrix is improving how people get work done”, said Matt Eastwood, Industry Analyst, Group Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Platform Group, IDC.


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