Deutsche Telekom ensures service excellence by investing in sophisticated test solutions

Date: Mon, 11/29/2010 - 21:11

Spirent TestCenter will smooth migration to 100GE
Deutsche Telekom ensures service excellence by investing in sophisticated test solutions David Hill VP Spirent EMEA

Deutsche Telekom Netzproduktion GmbH has made a further investment in leading edge test facilities with the purchase of additional Spirent TestCenter equipment. The new future-proof solution will allow the most sophisticated test scenarios to be readily deployed across the T-Home router platforms, even as data speeds evolve towards 100GBps. As major users of Spirent’s network, equipment and service test solutions, the company has also finalised a service agreement embracing all the Spirent test equipment and systems in its Fixed/Mobile-Engineering Deutschland (FMED) Division. This new, integrated service contract will enable substantial cost reductions and increase flexibility.
“Deutsche Telekom use a number of different Spirent systems in their IP labs” explains David Hill VP Spirent EMEA. “Spirent TestCenter, Avalanche, and Digital cable simulations, for example normally come with individually selectable service-levels to match individual laboratory needs. By combining the service contracts while still allowing individual service level flexibility, we are offering an important customer service cost reductions in the order of 25%.”
Current system expansion by Deutsche Telekom includes two additional TestCenter chassis plus twelve new 10GE-Ports and twenty four 1GE-Ports. The system has the potential to support up to either 192 x 10GE-Testports or 288 x 1GE-Testports ensuring consistent future-proof test coverage with maximum performance from Layer 2 to Layer 7. The new equipment means that new network concepts and components can be thoroughly pre-tested in minimal time to ensure optimal compliance to capacity, efficiency and quality standards and greatly reduced time-to-market.
Key factors in Deutsche Telekom’s decision to invest in Spirent solutions included the benefits of shared interface hardware for Layer 2-7 load tests. Further important criteria were Spirent’s clear and easy-to-use GUI plus test and technology wizards, and integrated test automation for prompt set-up and simplified test execution – Spirent’s multi-user function offers a centralized platform for all test engineers. The system offers exceptional test accuracy, with up to 2.5 ns time stamp resolution through the patented synchronisation procedure, and between different chasses, and is therefore ideally suited for 100GE testing.
Spirent offers Deutsche Telekom a whole range of time and cost-saving benefits in addition to thereduced service costs from the special service agreement. Set-up times, test definition and deployment times will all be slashed thanks to Spirent’s purpose-built “wizards” and integrated automation tools for scheduled tests in or out of working hours.

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