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WatchGuard Technologies to acquire Panda Security, extending simplified security from network to endpoint

The combined entity will provide centralized management of advanced threat detection and response functionality fueled by artificial intelligence (AI), behavior profiling techniques, and cutting-edge security event correlation
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29th Annual RSA Conference brought together thousands of industry experts and business leaders

RSA® Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, concluded its 29th annual event in San Francisco more
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Mellanox to acquire network intelligence technology developer Titan IC to strengthen leadership in security and data analytics

Combines best in class networking and deep packet inspection acceleration for cyber security and big data analytics applications
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Versa Networks achieves NSS Labs NGIPS recommended rating

Versa Networks, innovator of the Secure Cloud IP platform, announced that it has achieved a highly coveted Recommended rating in the NSS Labs 2019 Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS) Group Test. NSS Labs, Inc. is a global leader and trusted source for independent, fact-based cybersecurity guidance more
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NSS Labs announces 2019 Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Group Test results

Evasions remain an issue for market leaders more
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SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian automates password security

New tool monitors for exposed emails, passwords in cybercriminal circles and enforces NIST standards to give enterprises confidence in access controls more
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Questions & answers on the Japan adequacy decision

What is an adequacy decision? An adequacy decision is a decision taken by the European Commission establishing that a third country provides a comparable level of protection of personal data to that in the European Union, through its domestic law or its international commitments
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Directive on Security of Network and Information systems, the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

9 May was the deadline for the Member States to transpose into national laws the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive) that entered into force in August 2016. The NIS Directive is the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

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The Mind of the Hacker - Insights from GCHQ, MI6 and Israeli Intelligence

It used to be the trickery of the disinterested joker – bright youngsters pulling the data strings just to see what would happen. Then came criminals, adapting old con-trickery and thieving skills to the new cyber environment. Then it escalated to international gangs and now we are faced with political interest and rival shaping a post-truth world. Where are we heading? What is already happening? Vital questions must be addressed in this opening session before we turn to the technologies, solutions and strategies for securing the Cloud and Internet of Things. Brian Lord, OBE – former GCHQ Deputy Director for Intelligence and Cyber Operations – begins by describing the big picture, how it is evolving and where we could be heading. How is the balance of knowledge and power changing? And how will this affect our industry, business and society?

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Rapidly evolving trends in cloud networking security and cloud-native security

Our sense of security is deeply ingrained. For centuries we understood that, if a house has doors, you lock them. So, if your business network has an entry point, you install a firewall. But BYOD, wireless connectivity, and cloud applications have exploded the number of entry points. In today’s connected world, every single device or application expands the attack surface. If the network periphery goes fractal, where do you put security?
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European spending on security solutions expected to reach $27.3 billion in 2019, boosted by investments in banking, discrete

Spending on security hardware, software, and services in Europe is expected to reach $27.3 billion in 2019, an increase of 8.3% over 2018. This growth trend is expected to remain constant over the next few years, driven by considerable investments in both emerging and traditional technologies

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NETSCOUT’S latest Threat Intelligence Report uncovers prime targets for cyber criminals as attacks accelerate

Company launches Cyber Threat Horizon for continuous visibility into the threat landscape more
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