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Satcom players invest in new space business and high throughput satellites to catalyze future growth

Offering affordable, flexible, turnkey global and seamless connectivity solutions will drive fresh growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan more
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NTT Communications poised to retain lead in asian telecom cloud market, says GlobalData

NTT Communications software-defined capabilities, enhanced portfolio through integration with sister companies and its wide network and data center coverage has given the provider an edge to lead the telecom cloud market in Asia-Pacific (APAC), says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company


Telecom operators will face increased competition from interlopers in cloud, AI and SDN in 2019, says GlobalData

Telecom operators are looking to break out of the rut of simply providing connectivity, but face fierce opposition in the form of technology interlopers, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company

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Enterprise customers stand to gain from growing telco AI adoption, says GlobalData

Of the 181 telecom operators surveyed in 2018, 55% have already prioritized chatbots, machine learning and deep learning, yet over the next two years this number is expected to grow to 75%

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Downstream digital transformation ignites enterprise satellite connectivity service evolution

Infrastructure investment and development of low-rate serial production by manufacturers will be key to new growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan more
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5G may usher in next wave of satellite communications, says GlobalData

By augmenting fifth generation (5G) mobile networks with next-generation satellite capabilities, satellite operators have an opportunity to become a major player in the emerging 5G ecosystem, says leading data and analytics company GlobalData

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The network operator conundrum of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

When you think of the Fourth Industrial Revolution you most likely think about robots, driverless cars and mobile supercomputing. You then wonder how we are all going to keep up

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Operators could capture USD26 billion in revenue from digital services by 2022, Analysys Mason report

Operators need to invest heavily in acquiring the capabilities to take a larger share of those digital services’ value chains if they hope to supplement their revenue from core communications services

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Telecommunications companies require culture shift to maximize benefits of Big Data analytics, says Pyramid Research

While big data analytics (BDA) is on every communications service provider’s (CSP) radar, investment levels are relatively minor for most organizations, with many barely scratching the surface, according to insight from Pyramid Research


How will a BREXIT impact telecom regulation in Europe? John Strand: "It will be a regulatory nightmare for telecom operators"

Leading up the referendum on June 23, there are many articles which attempt to analyze the economic and political consequences of whether the United Kingdom will BREXIT (British exit) or BREMAIN (British remain) in the EU, but none have investigated the impact to telecom policy and regulation

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