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GTT completes acquisition of KPN International

Expands market presence in Europe more
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GSMA welcomes new telco cloud companies to the ‘GSMA 100’

Industry selects new companies focused on key innovation priorities, including telco and edge cloud, cybersecurity and financial services more

DOCOMO invests in Tata Capital Growth Fund II LP targeting growth-stage startup companies

NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced that it would invest USD 20 million in the Tata Capital Growth Fund II LP in Singapore managed by Tata Capital Growth II General Partners LLP with the aim of investment focusing on growth-stage companies in India


T-Mobile/Sprint merger brings market-moving synergies to business services portfolio, says GlobalData

Following the recent news that the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger has been approved by the US Dept. of Justice, Kathryn Weldon, Technology Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on how this might impact the business services market


GTT to acquire KPN International

Expands network scale and deepens market presence in Europe
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BT strengthens and extends relationship with NATO

New support services build on existing relationship for global connectivity more
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AT&T joins global cyber security alliance formed by Etisalat, Singtel, SoftBank and Telefónica

Alliance combines resources and capabilities of telecom operators to help protect all types of businesses from the growing threat of sophisticated cyber-attacks. With the inclusion of AT&T, the Alliance greatly increases its global presence

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Intelsat joins GSMA to spur integration of satellite and terrestrial solutions, create hybrid networks, and advance 5G

Stronger relationships with mobile operators, ubiquitous broadband services, and hybrid networks will meet fast-growing connectivity demands and fulfill promise of 5G
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Space: 26 Galileo satellites now in orbit for improved EU satellite navigation signal

Yesterday four more Galileo satellites were successfully launched from the European spaceport in French Guiana on the European launcher Ariane-5. Now with a constellation of 26 satellites, the EU's global satellite navigation system will provide a more precise signal across a range of valuable services

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Intelsat joins Smart Africa to help accelerate Africa’s digital transformation

Intelsat S.A., operator of the world’s first globalized network and leader in integrated satellite communications, announced that it has joined Smart Africa during the Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali

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