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SEMICON Southeast Asia 2020 postponed to 11-13 August 2020

SEMI announced that it is postponing SEMICON Southeast Asia 2020, the region’s premier event for the global electronics manufacturing supply chain, from 12-14 May 2020 to 11-13 August 2020 more
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Fujitsu and RIKEN take first place Worldwide in TOP500, HPCG, and HPL-AI with supercomputer Fugaku

As the information technology platform, Fugaku demonstrates overall high performance to make Society 5.0 a reality more
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What are quantum technologies, and what is the second quantum revolution?

Quantum technologies use the properties of quantum effects – the interactions of molecules, atoms, and even smaller particles, known as quantum objects – to create practical applications in many different fields more

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Gradual rebound or slight dip? Two scenarios for COVID-19 impact to 2020 global silicon wafer market sales, SEMI reports

Global silicon wafer market sales could dip if uncertainty surrounding the impact of COVID-19 to the semiconductor industry persists or climb on the strength of rebounding chip sales, SEMI said today in new quarterly report that lays out two wafer market scenarios for the second half of 2020 more
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