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About us is an online magazine whose mission is to promote the development of the telecommunications sector with information and information-based services, to manufacturers, engineers, distributors, installers or anyone wishing to acquire professional knowledge of developments in this sector. It has two distinct versions: one in Spanish focused to the spanish market and another in English (, addressed to the international market.

The main objective of is to offer his readers detailed professional information, useful, responsive to the technological needs of the Spanish and European telecommunications sector.

While his character is highly professional and technical pages trying to take the pulse of the market, meet current and future trends and report on everything that happens in business and their markets.
It also contains a high amount of information about products and professional services, from both PR offices in the telecommunications sector, from Spain, Europe, Asia and America.

The sections of the magazine are:
Business communications, wireless communications, optical networking, mobile telephone, Internet, electronics to telecommunications, digital home, television, smart cards and radio communications.

Instructions for use

Both versions of are; in Spanish ( and in English (, containing different information. Not necessarily all the information that appears in one version, appears in translation in the other. The section contains information in Spanish, which by its nature, is more appealing to the Spanish market. Same goes for the English section, which is addressed to the European market.
Both versions contain different information, the search (search button) of the version in Spanish only find the information contained in this release. To find a word in the English version, this will come into, and then find the desired term in the search for search). is published by Publicaciones Know How S.L. a company whose objective is the realization of online publications specialized in new technologies, with private and independent capital.

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