From left to right Henk Steenman, CTO AMS-IX, Thomas King, CTO DE-CIX, Richard Petrie, CTO LINX.jpg

For the “Good of the Internet”: Global Internet Exchange leaders develop universal API

The world’s leading Internet Exchange operators AMS-IX(Amsterdam), DE-CIX (Frankfurt) and LINX (London) have joined forces to develop a common Application Programming Interface (API) to provision and configure Interconnection services more
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NetFoundry’s cloud gateway now available at DigitalOcean Marketplace

Solution providers can now spin up programmable, zero trust networking across the Internet via NetFoundry’s 1-click application on the DigitalOcean Marketplace. DigitalOcean’s Marketplace is a platform that connects developers with easy-to-use, partner-built solutions to simplify and accelerate app development, deployment, and scaling more
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Questions and Answers - Commission makes it easier for citizens to access health data securely across borders

The Recommendation aims to allow EU citizens to access securely their health records across Member States more easily. In particular it aims at the creation of a European format that will allow electronic health records being shared in a secure manner at the same time as adhering to data protection rules more
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C-Suite beware: You are the latest targets of cybercrime, warns Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

C-level executives increasingly and proactively targeted by social breaches – correlating to a rise of social-engineering attacks with financial motivation more
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