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Data traffic is growing – Increased Internet use continues: DE-CIX sees even more growth in video conferencing traffic

Video conferencing traffic grows by 100% in comparison to before COVID-19 - A doubling of users for online and cloud gaming platforms - Average data traffic at Internet Exchange grows by 10% more
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Cisco joins Facebook's Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program to connect more people to a faster Internet

Participation extends Cisco’s commitment to provide broader connectivity in underserved areas more
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Questions and Answers - Commission makes it easier for citizens to access health data securely across borders

The Recommendation aims to allow EU citizens to access securely their health records across Member States more easily. In particular it aims at the creation of a European format that will allow electronic health records being shared in a secure manner at the same time as adhering to data protection rules more
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Ericsson ConsumerLab: Ten hot consumer trends 2030 – The Internet of Senses

Early technology adopter consumers expect an Internet of Senses by 2030, enabling a new service economy based on digital sensory experiences. With the human brain as the user interface, consumers expect devices to respond to thoughts, creating a new interaction paradigm more
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