Zarafa brings browser-based enterprise collaboration client

Date: Mon, 03/12/2012 - 21:50

Beyond Outlook by providing groupware, chat and web meetings from just one interface
Zarafa brings browser-based enterprise collaboration client

Zarafa at CeBIT 2012

Image credited to CeBIT

At this year’s CeBIT, Zarafa, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, introduced the Zarafa WebApp.
The WebApp and its plugins deliver a browser-based enterprise collaboration client that goes beyond Outlook. Plug-ins will vary from chat and web meetings to social media such as Facebook and Google+. Multi-user week calendaring and advanced delegation distinguishes WebApp from other web mail clients.

Facilitating effectiveness of communication
People using the WebApp will be able to start a chat or web meeting easily and quickly, depending on time, priority and personal preference. This will facilitate interaction and encourage information sharing.

Providing enterprise features
The Zarafa WebApp is the first collaboration client that includes enterprise features. Secretaries and management can benefit from multi-user week calendaring and advanced delegation. Enabling people to work from the browser, everywhere and any time, immediately reduces the maintenance costs. Support will drop due to easier IT administration.
The strongly integrated API of the WebApp will not only encourage the developer community to enrich the platform with a variety of plug-ins, it can also be done 10 times faster than before. In this way, user driven innovation will enable enterprises to remain aligned with future collaboration developments.
Brian Joseph, CEO at Zarafa: “The power of open innovation is demonstrated by the fact that features that have become mature in the consumer market are now being adopted by the enterprise market as well. In the future it will support Zarafa in becoming the leading open source collaboration platform in the world."

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