Mobily and Google ink partnership agreement for ‘Connect’ products

Date: Mon, 08/22/2011 - 16:05

Etihad Etisalat Mobily and Google held a joint press conference in Jeddah, to launch their strategic partnership, the first partnership of its kind in the Middle East, allowing the merger of Google brand with Mobily Connect products, as well as the launch of a value added package named Connect Google, which allows unlimited use of Google sites YouTube, Google Plus, Maps, Blogs' and all other Google services

Mobily and Google ink partnership agreement for ‘Connect’ products Engineer Khalid Omar Al Kaf, Managing Director, signing the agreement with Google

The press conference was held with the presence of Engineer Khalid Omar Al Kaf, Managing Director and CEO of Mobily, and some other senior officials of the company including Mohammed Jawdat, Managing Director SEEMEA, and Abdul Rahman Tarabzouni, Country Manager, Emerging Arabian Google, along with a group of distinguished local media representatives.
Audience were optimistic towards the beginning of a new transitional phase of exceptional added value services.
In a statement on this occasion, Al Kaf said that Mobily and Google share a number of values that lead them towards the leadership and passion for innovation, in a fierce race to get the new technologies, and as Mobily provides the latest technologies and most innovative products and services in the telecommunications sector, we were very keen to merge Mobily Connect products with Google brand, and that was how the idea of (Connect Google Package) was developed.
During the conference, Al Kaf, revealed Mobily's intention to launch an added value package, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, named Connect Google package, which allows access to all Google products and services such as internet search, e-mail, social networking, Google Plus which allows communication via network between individuals, as well as sharing of films and videos on YouTube.
Meanwhile, Mobily said that subscription in "Connect Google" package is very easy. Clients can subscribe through SMS or online through the company's website and activate the package. Mobily also stated that Connect Google package can be added to either one of 1 GB or 5 GB of Connect Mobile packages, or can be added to either 2 GB or 5 GB of Connect USB packages, thus allowing the subscribers to benefit from Google services and watch unlimited YouTube programs.

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