Atos Origin revolutionizes new media world with launch of interactive online video

Date: Wed, 03/02/2011 - 14:25

End user is able to follow all simultaneous live events, and access recorded videos of almost all competitions
Atos Origin revolutionizes new media world with launch of interactive online video Miguel Ángel Morcuende, New Media Director at Atos Origin

Atos Origin, an international IT services company, offers a worldwide first with the launch of its solution ‘New Media in Sport’. The service is for TV companies, telecom, media, sports associations or rights holders companies so that they can offer their viewers and customers the chance to choose exactly which competition/nation/athlete they want to follow and to enable them to follow more than one sporting event simultaneously.
For TV companies, telecom, media, sports associations or rights holders companies, New Media in Sport will help them increase their branding power and generate increased revenue streams. The offering complies with high expectations of digital media quality, and offers a choice in everything changing digital habits.
Bruno Fabre, Executive Vice President for Telecom and Media at Atos Origin says: “Atos Origin is an innovator in the telecoms industry, ready to revolutionize the way telecom operators offer services to their end-consumers. We bring not only strategic advice, but also new ideas on how our customers can increase loyalty. With our innovative portfolio of solutions - like New Media in Sport - we will help our clients to successfully compete in this environment by leveraging on existing assets in order to lower overall TCO and to reduce time to market as well as improve ROI of next generation communication services.“

Meta-Data magic creates a completely different TV experience
Sports fans are awaiting this versatile offer, delivering rich-media content over fixed and mobile devices, instant archive as well as chat and interaction. It is possible to watch sports events that are not broadcasted during the regular program, the consumer is in charge of what he wants to watch, when, and from what angle.
Atos Origin uses face recognition technologies for automatic selection or recommendation of camera or event, and believes that mastery of meta-data is what puts the magic in New Media in Sport. It’s the ability to take the detail of any action, of any personality and any event – and to link it to the associated data that makes the experience. Preference tags let fans track individual or team performance. Atos Origin, with its leadership in hi-tech transactional services, is at the forefront of automated meta-data manipulation.
Miguel Ángel Morcuende, New Media Director at Atos Origin says: “By 2014, over 90% of all data traffic will be video. This is equivalent to 32 million people streaming Avatar in 3D continuously every month. New media is set to become the top revenue stream for telecommunications and media companies. Atos Origin is ahead of the game to help telecom companies with more than just strategy. We are rolling out a ready-to-go new media framework that will really impress the end-consumer. When you engage with Atos Origin for New Media in sport services, you gain a platform for highly differentiated sports positioning. This will lead to increased revenue and a heightened profile as a new media player”.

Atos Origin’s role
Atos Origin is committed to innovation and has designed a solution that can be delivered quickly and without risk or capital investment. The Atos Origin solution provides a fully managed media environment, offering processing, storage, transaction processing, dynamic delivery, publishing, distribution, advertising and analytics. The company handles everything from digital rights management through to “per-click” monetization.


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