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The future of SDN and network virtualization

A Retrospective on the future of network virtualization, at NetEvents Cloud Innovation Summit 2014, California more
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Between the clouds, the challenges facing datacenter interconnection

”Will we see clouds of 1 billion VMs in the next 10 years?” – perish the thought, along with other ghastly “impossibilities” such as a world containing as many mobile phones as people, and where Internet traffic doubles every second year

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Clouding the issue versus issuing the cloud Ethernet as both problem and solution

Last may, James Walker announced the launch of the CloudEthernet Forum to “address the specific issues of scaling and applying Ethernet technologies to meet the stringent demands of delivering cloud services”. Judging by the response, he clearly hit a vital issue – but what does it mean in practice?

Tam Ethernet and Carrier.JPG

Ethernet and Carrier Networks

Senior and executives from service providers and carrier solution vendors discuss the relatively recent role of Ethernet in bridging the “telechasm” separating the LAN and WAN

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Ethernet in enterprise working

Ethernet has proved to be the answer, but can we clarify the question? A panel of senior execs from industry leaders spell out the key challenges facing CIOs in enterprise IT today –including virtualization, BYOD, management and security

Bob Belleville at Ethernet Innovation Summit.JPG

Ethernet or Ethernot? Ethernet vs. competing technologies

Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet Innovation at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California more
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