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New connected car standards put Europe into top gear

Imagine that you are driving along, and a message is projected on your windscreen, warning you of an accident that has just happened around the next corner. This could soon be a reality thanks to new European standards. Connected cars, able to communicate with each other and with road infrastructures, are expected to appear on European roads in 2015

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European decision supports move to universal mobile charger

ITU calls for global standard to be referenced more
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New video codec to ease pressure on global networks

Successor to award-winning standard to unleash new innovation more
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Standards give superior monitoring in electricity supply

Smart Grid specs will link comms and electricity networks
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Service provider interconnect standardized to bring global reach to Carrier Ethernet

ENNI ratification has profound implications for Carrier Ethernet services and the future of global networking more
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New ITU standard opens doors for unified ‘smart home’ network

G.hn standard for wired home networking gets international approval more
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