Ericsson Garage France opens to drive innovation in 5G

Date: Thu, 10/13/2016 - 18:07

The newly opened Ericsson Garage France has a focus on collaborating with students, startups and employees on a pre-5G platform to develop connected objects with low-latency

Ericsson Garage France opens to drive innovation in 5G Image credited to Ericsson

Ericsson Garage France, an open lab for students, start-ups, partners and Ericsson staff, opened last September 15 at the company's headquarters in Massy near Paris.
In its initial phase, Ericsson Garage France will focus on Internet of Things applications for smart cities, transport, energy and more, providing to those who come to collaborate access to a pre-5G (LTE evolutions including Narrow Band IoT) platform for developing low-latency applications.
Ericsson Garage France also has a branch in Lannion, which will initially develop Connected Tennis and Connected Building projects with the “move, health & sport” lab at the University of Rennes, IRISA's Granit lab in Lannion and the start-ups Ticatag (tennis), Athémium (buildings) and LTC (Lannion Tregor Communauté) for the Connected Building project.
One of the first Ericsson partners to join the Garage is Com4Innov, which is located at the SCS high-tech cluster in Sophia Antipolis.
Denis Rousset, Director of Operations at Com4Innov, says: “Connecting Ericsson Garage France with the core Com4Innov network is an opportunity to consolidate a partnership formed with Ericsson five years ago to anticipate 4G releases – and now 5G releases – and help France's SMEs sustain their innovative edge.”
Sandor Albrecht, Research Director & Head of the Ericsson Garage, says: “I am delighted to see the Ericsson Garage concept taking off across Europe. Ericsson Garage France will be an additional source of innovation that will support stakeholders in their digital transformation and create value to keep European industry competitive.”
Franck Bouétard, head of Ericsson France, says: “The vibrancy of the French Tech initiative and the sheer quality of French engineering testify to France's position as a powerhouse of innovation and research. For Ericsson, setting up a Garage open lab in France is thus a logical move and will help to drive the development of innovative concepts as 5G becomes a reality.”


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