MasterImage 3D revealed new 3D displays and immersive 3D user interface at Mobile World Congress

Date: Tue, 03/01/2011 - 14:43

Showcased cell-matrix parallax technology on new 7” 3D display featuring an early look at an immersive 3D user interface
MasterImage 3D revealed new 3D displays and immersive 3D user interface at Mobile World Congress

MasterImage 3D´s stand at Mobile World Congress 2011

At the mobile industry’s premiere event, MasterImage 3D, LLC gave attendees a look at what’s possible with mobile 3D today, via demonstrations of a 3D user interface and ultra-high quality 3D displays for smartphones and tablets. The company demonstrated its new 7” 3D display with the latest movie trailers and its 4” 3D display with user interface design from content partner Scaleform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
At its exhibit stand, the company showed its MasterImage Stereo Kit (MISK) to hardware, OS, carrier and content partners across the mobile ecosystem. The hardware/software system features an auto-stereoscopic 3D display based on MasterImage’s cell-matrix parallax barrier, which delivers a wider viewing angle, brighter image and portrait/landscape modes than 3D displays that employ a ‘striped’ approach.
On this device MWC attendees saw ground-breaking 3D user interface from Scaleform that shows the beginnings of the holographic mobile experience. MasterImage 3D demonstrations also featured a number of 3D movie trailers from the latest blockbuster films, 3D commercials, updated gameplay from Crytek’s Crysis 2, and an assortment of AAA video game footage samples supplied by the S-3D Gaming Alliance ( and its member companies.
“These demonstrations give you a feel for where 3D is going,” said Roy Taylor, GM of 3D Mobile Display at MasterImage 3D. “As 3D content starts to pop off of the screen, the possibilities for gaming, mobile entertainment —even merchandising, get really exciting. 3D UIs are in their early days but stand to be highly disruptive on many fronts. The holographic chess game from “Star Wars” is truly on the horizon.”


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