SkyCross announces commercial availability of State-Tuned iMAT™ Antenna Solutions (ST-iMAT) for 4G devices

Date: Tue, 03/22/2011 - 15:07

RF expert leverages patented technology to deliver small size and high performance for multiband, multiprotocol mobile broadband devices
SkyCross announces commercial availability of State-Tuned iMAT™ Antenna Solutions (ST-iMAT) for 4G devices Ben Nasker, SkyCross CEO and Chairman

SkyCross, a global developer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions that are powering the emergence of 4G networks, today announced the commercial availability of its State-Tuned Isolated Mode Antenna Technology (ST-iMAT™) for embedded antenna solutions in 4G MIMO devices. The new technology can conserve space inside 4G devices, providing device designers with more design flexibility and enhancing device performance.
The SkyCross patented, state-tuned antennas are an evolutionary extension to the company’s award-winning iMAT® technology, which permits a single radiating element to behave like multiple antennas. State tuning enables the MIMO performance of an iMAT single radiating element to be applied across multiple frequency bands while simultaneously increasing radiated efficiency—without increasing the overall size of the antenna relative to conventional approaches.
“SkyCross State-Tuned iMAT™ is a novel new approach to antenna design,” said Ben Nasker, SkyCross CEO and Chairman. “State-Tuned iMAT™ enables the device antenna to deliver greater MIMO throughput and support multiple frequency bands without increasing antenna size versus separate main and diversity antennas.”
Using SkyCross State-Tuned iMAT, multiband 4G MIMO and 3G diversity antennas can be designed to occupy space in a single location, eliminating performance-robbing issues associated with mutual coupling and high pattern correlation coefficient from multiple nearby antennas operating on the same frequency at the same time.
SkyCross ST-iMAT antennas come pre-configured to address many commonly deployed multiband radio architectures. This includes product versions for 4G/3G combinations serving North American, European, and Asian frequency allocations. ST-iMAT antenna designs from SkyCross are available for USB, smartphone, and tablet form factors. Each ST-iMAT antenna solution can be custom integrated directly into today’s sleek and stylish industrial designs using a variety of design and manufacturing techniques.

SkyCross will be discussing application and design advantages of State-Tuned iMAT™ antennas at the CTIA Wireless 2011 tradeshow March 22-24 in Orlando

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