Mobile Master Forensic reads and analyzes mobile phone data and generates clearly structured reports

Date: Wed, 01/21/2009 - 19:59

The new version for consumers now also supports the new Samsung SGH-F490 and DECT phones by Siemens and has a number of new features
Mobile Master Forensic reads and analyzes mobile phone data and generates clearly structured reports

Jumping Bytes, specialists in mobile phone administration and SMS communication, would like to call the attention of their international customers to two new Mobile Master versions for different target groups: Mobile Master 7.3 and Mobile Master Forensic.
The new version of Mobile Master 7.3 is now available to end users. New features include support for the new Samsung SGH-F490, DECT phones by Siemens and on the email client side, Portable Thunderbird from Mozilla.
Among the many new functions, the Remote Control function bears emphasizing which gives users remote control functionality for PCs using their cell phone via Bluetooth. Additional new functions are listed in detail below.
New to the market is Mobile Master Forensic. Mobile phones are being used more and more to preserve evidence: the police use so-called IMSI catchers to determine the position, card number (IMSI) and device number of mobile phones. Once investigating agencies take possession of a potential perpetrator’s mobile phone, they can use forensic software to read and analyze data on the phone. An SMS with the corresponding content or an answered call shortly before the time a crime was committed could take investigators one step further.
“We had numerous requests from a variety of governmental agencies for a special version of Mobile Master which is not capable of modifying data on cell phones,” reports Christoph Güntner, Managing Director of Jumping Bytes. “In Mobile Master Forensic, we combine structured reports for rapid analysis with the software’s usual ease of use.”

*Mobile Master 7.3*
Mobile Master is normally dedicated to the easy synchronization of data with cell phones. This version now supports the new Sony Ericsson W980, W595, G502, the touchscreen handset Samsung SGH-F490 and DECT phones by Siemens, like the Gigaset S680/S685, SX680/SX685, SL370/SL375 or the T-Com Sinus 501. In adding the Samsung SGH-D880 to their line-up, Mobile Master supports the first dual SIM phone that combines two SIM cards in one device and whose user can be reached over two lines simultaneously.
The phone sync tool can access both SIM cards and read and write to both phone books.
On the email client side, the latest addition is Portable Thunderbird from Mozilla. Mobile Master now also support the add-on ‘MoreFunctionsForAddressBook’ for expanding the address book for Mozilla Thunderbird and the data alignment for tasks (jobs) from Novell Groupwise. Contacts can now also be moved easier from Outlook to Mobile Master with drag&drop.
Novelties have also been added to functional features: the remote control function of PCs via mobile phone via Bluetooth has been improved and is now ready for the latest Sony Ericsson models (e.g. W890). With this function mobile phone users can remote control iTunes, Winamp, and now also Power DVD. The module “Remote Control” is included in Mobile Master. As soon as a supported Sony Ericsson phone is linked to the computer and thus with Mobile Master Remote Control, Mobile Master generates a menu on the phone listing the available applications accessible via remote control. The mobile phone effectively becomes a remote control, music titles can be clicked or volume controlled.
Other new features: all birthdays stored in the phone contacts can be added to the phone calendar with one simple click. On Nokia models, the notepad in contacts is now also supported as is the synchronization function for the Samsung SGH-D880 calendar.
The new phone models supported include Nokia 5610 XPress Music and 5310 XPress Music, Nokia N78, E71, 6085, 5200, 5300 and 6120, Samsung SGH-F490, SGH-D880, as well as models W980, W595, W890, K660i, Z310i, W380, W980, W760, W350, C902, G502, C702 und Z770 from Sony Ericsson.

*Mobile Master Forensic*
When using Mobile Master Forensic, investigators have immediate access to every single thing done on the phone. Whether SMS messages, incoming, outgoing or missed calls (depending on the phone model also with the exact time and chronological order), organizer or the entire address book – the software shows all of the relevant data stored on the phone.
The IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) numbers let investigators precisely identify the phone’s owner and the phone itself.
Important for the legal legitimization of the acquired data: as soon as Mobile Master Forensic accesses the phone, the data on the phone can only be read, but not manipulated.
For further evaluation, the phone data can be generated and exported as reports in Word, Excel, PDF, or text format. Templates are available for all formats which can be adapted to meet user requirements or completely modified. The supported phone models are all those devices compatible to Mobile Master: Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens BenQ and LG.

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