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5G driving edge computing momentum in China finds new GSMA study

100+ edge projects deployed in China leveraging 5G and IoT infrastructure  more
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5G network rollouts accelerate as LTE’s long tail extends

2Q 2019: Global - 250 million new LTE connections and 4.7 billion yotal LTE connections - Today: 34 5G networks Worldwide - 32 million 5G connections forecast in North America by YE 2021; 156 million Worldwide

GSMA and Host City Parties extend MWC Barcelona agreement

World’s premier mobile and vertical ecosystem event extended through MWC2024 more
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The COVID crisis has given rise to an increased usage of digital technologies

This has put telecommunication networks under intense pressure to handle the exponential growth in demand more
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ITU launches new guidelines to assist countries develop national emergency telecommunication plans

Conducting emergency telecommunication exercises and drills is vital to test the effectiveness of disaster response plans  more
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Data traffic is growing – Increased Internet use continues: DE-CIX sees even more growth in video conferencing traffic

Video conferencing traffic grows by 100% in comparison to before COVID-19 - A doubling of users for online and cloud gaming platforms - Average data traffic at Internet Exchange grows by 10% more
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