ACS commences high capacity Australia to Singapore cable project

Date: Mon, 08/29/2011 - 11:10

Australia-Singapore Cable (International) Limited ASC, a specialist submarine cable subsidiary of Leighton Contractors, has signed a contract with Alcatel-Lucent as part of ASC’s plan to build, own and operate a 4,800km multi-terabit submarine cable system with an option for 100 Gigabit per second (100Gbit/s) transmission

ACS commences high capacity Australia to Singapore cable project

The new system will link Perth, Australia, to Singapore, providing high-speed connection from Australia to South East Asia.
The first phase of the project involving detailed design, route survey and permitting in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore is already underway. The second phase subject to permitting requirements and final board approval involves the construction of the cable system and is expected to start in the first quarter 2012 and commercial operation is planned for 2013.
The 4,800km submarine cable system will link Australia to Singapore, through the Sunda Strait in Indonesia providing potential for the first 100Gbit/s high-speed connection from Western Australia to South East Asia.
Providing around eight times more capacity than similar regional routes, the system design will use D+ fibre, the latest innovative technology and has an ultimate capacity of at least 6 Tbit/s and over 16 Tbit/s with the 100Gbit/s option.
Peter McGrath, Chairman of Australia-Singapore Cable (International) Limited and Executive General Manager of Leighton Telecommunications said “We are delighted to be undertaking this venture to meet the ever growing demand for high quality, high speed telecommunications infrastructure in the region.”


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