Next-generation end-to-end Category 6A UTP system from PANDUIT

Date: Tue, 02/03/2009 - 12:50

Revolutionary PANDUIT high-speed transport solution delivers reliable 10 Gb/s performance with improved space savings, power efficiency, thermal management

Next-generation end-to-end Category 6A UTP system from PANDUIT

PANDUIT, a world-class developer and provider of innovative physical infrastructure solutions, introduces the TX6A™ 10Gig™ Copper Cabling System. This next-generation end-to-end Category 6A UTP system provides significant margin on all 10GBASE-T electrical parameters with improved alien crosstalk performance, delivering superior overall channel performance over a slimmer UTP cable.
The innovative TX6A™ 10Gig™ system design utilizes patent pending matrix tape technology in the cable and advanced connector compensation techniques to achieve channel bandwidth performance above industry standard requirements. This design reduces the weight and diameter of Category 6A UTP cables, improving pathway capacity up to 30% for improved airflow through dense data center enclosures without compromising alien crosstalk performance.
The complete system yields leading edge overall channel performance in the highest density physical infrastructure environments (48 ports in a 1RU space), reliably achieving 10Gb/s performance while eliminating the time and cost of burdensome alien crosstalk testing.
“Current adopters of Category 6A technologies have had to work with cabling vendors and integrators to overcome installation and management challenges associated with thicker cable designs,” said Jack Tison, Vice President Research and Development, PANDUIT Corp. “The PANDUIT® TX6A™ system overcomes these challenges, reducing operational risk in the data center and empowering organizations to achieve strategic goals.”
The TX6A™ 10Gig™ Copper Cabling System supports all demanding configurations from a long (100 m) four-connector channel to a short (3 m) two-connector permanent link, enabling a wide range of data center architectures and applications. The system also allows for co-mingling with Category 5e and 6 cables while providing a clear migration path from 1000BASE-T to 10GBASE-T applications, and supports advanced PoE applications at extended operating temperatures.
End-to-end copper cabling systems from PANDUIT deliver enhanced availability, agility, and security throughout the data center.

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