Oberthur Technologies’ Smart Authentication 3-D SecureTM solution

Date: Tue, 11/22/2011 - 18:00

Oberthur Technologies, the world’s second largest provider of security and identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, announces that its Smart Authentication 3-D SecureTM solution, operated by Managed Services in its Visa and MasterCard certified UK data centre, has been granted PCI DSS certification

Oberthur Technologies’ Smart Authentication 3-D SecureTM solution

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PCI DSS is an information security standard of the Payment Card Industry for organisations that handle cardholder information for major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards.
Oberthur Technologies has successfully passed more than 200 points of control aiming at guarantying the secure processing, transmission and storage of cardholder data for its Smart Authentication solution, including:
• network security (firewall configuration and security system parameters),
• cardholder’s data protection (storage and transmission encryption),
• vulnerability management (anti-virus, system and application security),
• strong access control (restriction of computer and physical access to cardholder data),
• regular monitoring and testing (access monitoring, system testing and process security).

With this certification, Oberthur Technologies confirms its unrivalled expertise in operating highly sensitive solutions from its data centres.
A result of many years of experience in card manufacturing and security solution development, the Smart Authentication solution secures online services against new types of fraud challenges. It provides financial institutions with the highest security level for the reduction of fraud in  e-banking and e-shopping as well as enhancing end-user experience. It includes an Access Control Server (ACS) enabling 3-D Secure protocols, an Authentication Server to check cardholders’ identity, and a full range of mobile solutions and physical devices including display cards.
Hosted and operated as a managed service in Oberthur Technologies’ highly secured data centres, the Smart Authentication solution allows financial institutions to focus on their core business while optimising time-to-market and total investment cost. Oberthur Technologies provides all the IT resources, hardware and software infrastructure and above all, the security expertise needed for such sensitive solutions, with both dedicated and experienced teams.
“By combining our expertise in solution development and our ability to operate them from our data centres with the most stringent security measures, we demonstrate our capability to provide end-to-end support to our customers. Our Smart Authentication solution in managed services fully relieves them of the complexity linked to platform management and certification processes.” said Arnaud de La Chapelle, General Manager, Convergence & Solutions, at Oberthur Technologies Card Systems Division.


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