5G technology

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Ericsson 5G delivers 5 Gbps speeds

Live, over-the-air demonstration of Ericsson pre-standard 5G technology achieves 5 Gbps throughput in the 15 GHz frequency band. 5G performance will enable new machine-to-machine applications that benefit both consumers and enterprises

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Mobile Operators work together to define requirements for “5G”

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance is excited to announce the launch of a global initiative for 5G. Inspired by the strong industry collaboration which materially contributed to the success of LTE and its adoption across the world, this initiative will deliver key operator requirements intended to guide the development of future technology platforms and related standards,  create new business opportunities and satisfy future end-user needs
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Fresh €50 million EU research grants in 2013 to develop '5G' technology

METIS, 5GNOW, iJOIN, TROPIC, Mobile Cloud Networking, COMBO, MOTO and PHYLAWS are some of the new EU research projects that address the architecture and functionality needs for 5G / beyond 4G networks