Brocade acquires Vyatta, a pioneer and leader in software networking

Brocade on track to deliver on an end-to-end network virtualization architecture for SDN, cloud computing and virtualized data centers

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Sand, sea and smartphones: european holidaymakers cannot leave the Internet at home

New research shows that 95 percent of holidaymakers jet off with at least one Internet-enabled device in their luggage; half demand daily access to content no matter their location


Brocade VDX 6720 Switch tops the list of most important enterprise IT products for 2010

CTO Edge recognizes the new Brocade VDX 6720 Data Center Switches as heralding fundamental changes to data center networks


Anticipating the future, assessing the present, judging the past - An industry visionary seeks gold among the chaos of change

The trouble with "living in interesting times" is that we need some sort of road map to keep them interesting, not just confusing. So John McHugh – counted among Network World's "top 50 most powerful people in networking" – was an inspired choice for our NetEvents 2006 keynote.
Based on his success to date in predicting industry trends, we asked him to look forward four years to 2010, and predict what major changes would have taken place – which then current trends would fizzle out and which would progress. We also asked him to hazard his opinion on surprises in store

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The corporate network of the future: convergence 2.0

How convergence and the cloud will simplify network operations and drive business performance, but it won’t happen overnight


Brocade introduces industry’s first and only unified network management platform for complete SAN and IP control

Brocade Network Advisor dramatically simplifies infrastructure visibility and management to reduce IT operational overhead and increase application performance

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