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Cloud to represent 76 percent of total data center traffic by 2018

By 2018, half of the Global population will have residential Internet access; more than half of those will use personal Cloud storage

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Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts annual Internet traffic to grow more than 20 percent (reaching 1.6 Zettabytes) by 2018

More traffic will traverse Global networks in 2018 than all prior "Internet Years" combined; Ultra-HD/4K adoption and M2M technologies including smart cars among key growth drivers
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Cisco showcases how the UK is harnessing the Internet of Everything in 2014

Cisco revealed how the Internet of Everything (IoE) is actively taking a role in solving some of the UK's biggest infrastructure and economic challenges. Bringing together a panel of industry experts and IoE "watchers", Cisco presented a combination of visionary thinking and practical applications at the launch of its new report at the CiscoCREATE Internet of Everything innovation centre in Greenwich
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Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast projects nearly 11-fold increase in global mobile data traffic from 2013 to 2018

By 2018, nearly 5B mobile users and more than 10B mobile devices/connections with faster network speeds & more smart devices drive mobile video to 69 percent of mobile data traffic

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Cisco study says IoE can create savings, increase productivity and revenue for governments globally

New Cisco study reveals $4.6 trillion in value at stake for governments that embrace IoE


Barcelona, GDF SUEZ, Cisco and institutions from all over the world launch the City Protocol

This trusted and open community offers curated guidance to help cities build a sustainable future

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