cloud computing

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Nearly half of U.S. state and local governments have started or are planning Cloud projects, new Unisys survey shows

Government IT leaders cite potential hardware and software capital and maintenance cost savings as top reason for cloud adoption

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Global healthcare leaders look to Extreme Networks to advance patient care and operate mission critical environments

Extreme Networks, Inc. is helping hospitals and healthcare services companies with its innovative network solutions to drive network connectivity and enable cloud and mobile applications and services

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IBM study reveals businesses using cloud computing for competitive advantage can generate double revenue compared to their peers

Cloud ranks higher on agenda of business than IT

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The battle to serve your digital self has begun

The battle to serve your digital self has erupted, according to a new report out from Forrester Research

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Extreme Networks and EMC scale Ethernet architecture for the cloud with VSPEX labs validation of Open Fabric for VSPEX

With its EMC VSPEX Labs Validation, Extreme Networks Open Fabric network solution, including the Summit® X670 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, is positioned to deliver industry-leading speed, low latency, and virtualization support for cloud networking as part of EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure

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Is Ethernet serving the Cloud?

Two major announcements at NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit paved the way for optimal Cloud support

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