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Gartner highlights the top 10 cloud myths

Avoid 'one size fits all' answers to complex situations - Cloud is not one thing

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Gartner identifies six key steps to build a successful digital business

A lack of digital business competence will cause 25 percent of businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017

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Gartner says Worldwide tablet sales grew 68 percent in 2013

With Android capturing 62 percent of the market

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Gartner says augmented reality will become an important workplace tool

Augmented reality has broad business potential

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Gartner says smartglasses will bring innovation to workplace efficiency

In 2017, smartglasses may begin to save the field service industry $1 billion per year


Gartner says nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017

Gartner special report examines the outlook for hybrid cloud

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