Juniper Research

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Juniper Research sees In-vehicle apps in use approaching 270 million by 2018 as vendors embrace model

App integration commonplace within five years

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Mobile banking users to exceed 1.75 billion by 2019, representing 32% of the Global adult population, finds Juniper Research

Mobile banking users to exceed online banking users for the first time by 2019

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Cloud services to be adopted by 3.6Bn consumers Globally by 2018, Juniper Research finds

Mobile driving the cloud locker

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Juniper Research forecasts 130 million mobile video calling users by 2018 as revenue models shift

OTT mobile video calling players broadening strategy to include games

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Mobile devices to generate data traffic equivalent to 42 quadrillion tweets by 2017, at over 90,000 PB

A new  report from Juniper Research forecasts that the amount of mobile data traffic generated by smartphones, featurephones and tablets will exceed 90,000 petabytes by 2017, equivalent to almost 42 quadrillion tweets or approximately 7 billion Blu-ray movies


4G LTE service revenue to exceed $340 billion by 2017, representing over 30% of total operator billed revenues

A new report from Juniper Research finds that 4G LTE revenues are set to grow rapidly, reaching more than $340 billion by 2017 globally, compared to just over $75 billion this year

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