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Collis becomes member of Mobey Forum

Mobey Forum is a global non-profit organization that defines a sustainable and prosperous mobile financial services ecosystem. Membership of the forum fits Collis like a glove, as Collis puts strong focus on the development of mobile payment technology

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New Netsize survey reveals pent-up demand for mobile commerce and shopping

Majority of respondents would use their mobiles to buy big-ticket items

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Digital disruption drives change

Capco's Nick Levy offers banks a transformation checklist for their digital banking plans


Gartner identifies 10 consumer mobile applications to watch in 2012

Mobile applications will increasingly define the user experience on high-end devices

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NFC phones are set to revolutionise the way we decide what products to buy, where we choose to buy them and how we choose to pay

The world's leading mobile network operators have announced that they are committed to introducing near field communication (NFC) services in a number of countries around the world from 2012

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Sybase 365 selected by Western Union to participate in digital vendor program for mWallet and mBanking platforms

Strategic partnership extends reach and accessibility of secure mobile finance initiatives

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