Mobile World Congress 2013

Telco Systems at MWC 2013.JPG

Telco Systems' CE 2.0 Certification has Regional Providers "snapping at Tier 1 heels"

Multiple Classes of Service (multi-CoS), end-to-end assured service management, and standardized wholesale interconnect, allow for faster deployments for service providers

Spirent MWC2013.JPG

Spirent Communications at Mobile World Congress 2013

Spirent showcased its unique portfolio of test solutions for improving the mobile experience, which starts with end-user measurements truly representative of the real world. To meet this need, Spirent’s Fit4Launch and Insights solutions help quantify a device user’s experience of services on live networks, with a testing-as-a-service business model that offers maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency for network operators and their suppliers

John Hoffman MWC13.JPG

GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013 sets new records

Michael O'Hara.JPG

The rise of connected devices will drive mobile operator data revenues past voice revenues globally by 2018

Expansion of mobile data will provide better access to healthcare and education, help lift people out of poverty, fight hunger, combat climate change and fuel economic growth

Samsung at MWC 2013.JPG

Mobility reigns as the smart connected device market rises 29.1% in 2012 driven by tablet and smartphone growth

When looking at a holistic view of smartphones, tablets, and PCs, one thing is clear – smartphones and tablets are driving mobility growth

Altai Tech at MWC2013.JPG

Altai Technologies enables wireless connectivity of public schools in rural areas of Venezuela using Super WiFi solution

Altai Technologies Limited, a carrier-grade Super WiFi equipment supplier, announced that it has deployed Altai A2 WiFi Access Point/Bridges to enable wireless broadband connectivity of public schools in the rural areas of Venezuela

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