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Advances in wireless and beyond 802.11a

The newest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, uses the 5GHz band, and greater bandwidth, to reduce interference and boost data rates to beyond 1Gbps. The Wi-Fi Alliance has just announced certification for 802.11ac products, bringing faster, more reliable Wi-Fi for today’s business

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2020 vision for cloud services to the enterprise

What service should the enterprise expect and demand by 2020?

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Emulex delivers optimized I/O connectivity for Dell 13th generation PowerEdge servers

Supporting enterprise, Cloud and next generation workloads. Emulex I/O solutions deliver performance, efficiency, and scalability for Big Data, VDI, unified communication and network functions virtualization

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Mobile + Cloud = Risk + Opportunity

Intense competition arises when major currents converge – and “Mobile” and “Cloud” are the two most dynamic currents in IT today. A fertile new ecosystem is forming, rich with opportunities for service providers. In it, dumb pipe providers could evolve into multimedia impresarios – with seventy percent of all mobile users anticipating use of cloud services and mobile video by 2013

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Enterprise, Service Provider, Cloud Data Centre. Who’s first to ride the SDN revolution? (And where’s it taking them?)

With massive and successful deployments by Google, NTT, Genesis Hosting and others, there is little doubt about SDN as a workable and effective system, so the next question is: which sector will be first to reap the benefits?

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Taming the BYOD beast - issues of management and security

For the employees it means greater convenience, job satisfaction and productivity. For the IT department it means a three or fourfold increase in the number of multi-vendor endpoints to manage, greater network permeability and new security risks - with little hope of commensurate budget and staffing increases. But BYOD is here to stay, and it’s growing huge

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