NetEvents EMEA Press and Analyst Summit Rome 2011

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Wireless access is vital to get the Cloud market moving

“Sean Larner, VP, Xirrus is 'In the Hot Seat ' while Manek Dubash , Editorial Director, NetEvents TV says "Hey, Hey, You, You, Get Offa My Cloud!"

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A Keene eye on cloud infrastructure, security, transport and content delivery

Last Summer, Gartner released their annual ”Hype Cycle” report, calling the hype around Cloud computing “deafening”! They say that nearly every vendor has a Cloud computing strategy, but few make it Cloud-centric. Indeed, ”cloudwashing” risks accelerating the entire industry into the trough of disillusionment - with the Amazon Web Services outages earlier this year as a case in turning point

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Verne Global opens World's first dual-sourced 100% renewably powered data centre

Icelandic campus provides a renewable energy-based colocation and build-to-suit data centre option for US and European companies and provides well over 50% cost savings over traditional data centres in Europe or New York

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Xirrus leads industry with first modular wireless switch for high-performance networks

Xirrus®, the leader in high-performance wireless networks, launched the XR-series Wireless Arrays, the first modular, chassis-based wireless switch portfolio – providing unmatched performance and modularity to protect network investments as devices proliferate and wireless performance needs grow

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Dialogic expands its reach in the Middle East

Dialogic Inc., a leading provider of communications technologies that power advanced networks, announced that Waseela, a leader in the field of advanced broadband technologies in the MENA region will be a reseller in the MENA region for Dialogic’s Session Bandwidth Optimizer for Core and Mobile Backhaul products


Spirent test solution validates network elements and architecture in Juniper Network´s cloud virtualization environment

Spirent TestCenter Virtual enables network designers to test within the Junosphere cloud

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