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The Lycra system – it fits your business like a second skin

Scalability is the buzz word for today, when there's no economic argument for a slack fit with extra resources to spare. It's common wisdom that scalability is vital for any cloud-ready enterprise capable of handling today's applications - what's less understood is that not all applications are capable of scaling by default


Real security in the virtual environment

Virtualization in the data center has moved from a "new paradigm" to a vital strategic and critical component of the enterprise infrastructure. As organizations reap the benefits of virtualizing segments of the data center, they often overlook the next key step – securing data across the entire environment

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Boxing clever - or is infrastructure convergence the way to go?

It's all very well for network vendors to go on about the need for a radical network rethink, a converged infrastructure and intelligence built in from the ground up - but has real life business ever gone that way? For every greenfield project that takes off from day one, there are umpteen other businesses that have grown through the messy process of accretion, acquisition, and elimination of bits that fail


Anticipating the future, assessing the present, judging the past - An industry visionary seeks gold among the chaos of change

The trouble with "living in interesting times" is that we need some sort of road map to keep them interesting, not just confusing. So John McHugh – counted among Network World's "top 50 most powerful people in networking" – was an inspired choice for our NetEvents 2006 keynote.
Based on his success to date in predicting industry trends, we asked him to look forward four years to 2010, and predict what major changes would have taken place – which then current trends would fizzle out and which would progress. We also asked him to hazard his opinion on surprises in store

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HP achieves breakthrough: core of its six internal data centers now “Cisco free”

HP Networking solutions power world’s largest technology business with superb performance and flexibility

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Surfing the Data Tsunami - solutions for mobile data offload

At peak times, 3G networks can barely handle the traffic surge as users scramble for high-speed, data-guzzling mobile applications. Ironically, most of that traffic is accessing Internet content on other providers' servers, while the carriers are simply bearing the traffic burden, forcing them to invest ever greater amounts of money to ease bottlenecks in the infrastructure for no greater returns