Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

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Open Networking Foundation introduces new SDN skills certification program

Program to validate SDN practitioners’ knowledge, skills, and abilities in evolving SDN industry

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Open Networking Foundation selects Criterion Network Labs as its fourth international testing facility

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open Software-Defined Networking (SDN), announced Criterion Network Labs (CNLabs), a vendor-neutral independent division of Criterion Networks India Pvt. Ltd., as ONF’s fourth international conformance and interoperability testing facility

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Dan Pitt, ONF Executive Director, predicts faster app development and greater software focus for 2014

Developers of SDN-related application, orchestration, and management software that have been begging for more guidance on Northbound APIs will be delighted to hear that the ONF’s recently formed Northbound Interfaces Working Group has already illustrated the different levels of abstraction (latitudes) and use cases (longitudes) and will be publishing its NBI information models in 2014, accompanied by open-source working code for select use cases

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Open Networking Foundation names judges of Open-Source "OpenFlow™ Driver" Competition

Grand prize winner to receive $50,000 for Best Driver Delivering Interoperable Open-Source Implementation of the Latest OpenFlow Standard

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The Open Networking Foundation unveils OpenFlow™ Conformance Program

Certification Program offers networking vendors with highest level of industry assurance, validating product compliance with the OpenFlow Specification for Software-Defined Networking

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Open Networking Foundation drives commercialization of SDN and the OpenFlow™ Protocol at third PlugFest

ONF sees increasing implementation of OpenFlow 1.3 in commercial and test controllers and switches

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