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Ericsson Media Vision 2020 - maps out the future of TV

How the winning players will capitalize on the $750 billion opportunity of 2020. Study covers six critical 'game changing' trends and catalysts for the industry

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Mobile users show OTT indifference

60% of consumers open minded about OTT providers and mobile operators when it comes to “who is best”

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Juniper Research forecasts 130 million mobile video calling users by 2018 as revenue models shift

OTT mobile video calling players broadening strategy to include games


OpenCloud 2014 trends and predications

The roll-out of LTE has been a significant event in 2013 and the market is already extremely competitive. Operators are naturally keen to sign up consumers to their new superfast networks and make a return on their spectrum investment


Envivio and nangu.TV compatibility strengthens adaptive streaming

Recognizable bitrate stream formats allow for smoother IPTV and OTT delivery to end devices