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Dan Pitt, ONF Executive Director, predicts faster app development and greater software focus for 2014

Developers of SDN-related application, orchestration, and management software that have been begging for more guidance on Northbound APIs will be delighted to hear that the ONF’s recently formed Northbound Interfaces Working Group has already illustrated the different levels of abstraction (latitudes) and use cases (longitudes) and will be publishing its NBI information models in 2014, accompanied by open-source working code for select use cases

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Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs forecasts a 560 percent increase in data traffic on metro networks by 2017

A Bell Labs study released by Alcatel-Lucent indicates that data traffic on metropolitan (‘metro’) access and aggregation networks is set to increase by 560 percent by 2017, driven by demand for video and the proliferation of data centers. Even more significantly, the study showed that by 2017 more than 75 percent of that traffic will stay in metro networks, as compared to 57 percent today

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Data Center Disruptors Report reveals SDN market growth trajectory of more than six-fold increase through 2017

Ethernet switch spending in the enterprise data center to plateau as cloud takes over

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HP open ecosystem breaks down barriers to Software-defined Networking

SDN Developer Kit and SDN App Store enables organizations to develop, test and deploy applications

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Strategy Analytics sees expanding SDN future for NSN as "mini Ericsson" following Nokia Device sale to Microsoft

With cash from Microsoft Nokia can finance NSN growth and acquisitions

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Extreme Networks and Lenovo enter strategic global reseller alliance

Addresing converged infrastructure for data centers and the cloud

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